6 Tips for Lounging in Style

Lounge style is perfect for a relaxing vacation spent reading books in front of a fire. Or, lounge style can work when your partner is moving in and you want to look cute while binging the latest show together. You want to feel comfy, but not slouchy. Stylish but not trying too hard. At-ease, but polished. With this guide, you’ll be able to slay on the couch, in a chaise, or even just in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. 


#1 Highlight Your Face

A lounge look makes beauty look effortless to the point of laziness. And if there’s one culture on planet Earth that has nailed that balance of primped and couldn’t-care-less, it’s the French. Take a page from their book when creating a lounge-worthy make-up look. All you need is the following:


  • Dewy, well-hydrated skin (try a pre-lounge lounge session with a moisturizing face mask)
  • A light foundation or CC cream to help disguise blemishes
  • A hint of blush to highlight your cheekbones
  • Super-moisturizing gloss or shiny balm
  • Mascara, if you’re feeling extra 
  • And a whisper of fragrance—a dab of essential oil or even rosewater behind the ears will do perfectly


And that’s it! Highlighting your natural beauty the French way will make you worthy of your couch and the finest chaise lounge in Versailles!


#2 Your Bra is Your Baseline of Comfort—and Style

Whether you wear a 32A bra or a 38DD, all boob-having people know one fact to be true—it is impossible to relax in an uncomfortable bra. Lay the groundwork for total relaxation and style by wearing a comfortable bra. Try these tips to find your new favorite lounge bra:

  • Look for a bra in a soft, breathable fabric like microfiber, modal, or cotton.
  • Say no to pokey underwires!
  • A comfy lace bralette is a fantastic go-to for loungewear—especially if you want to show it off and create a peek-a-boo lace look with your outfit. 


#3 Play with Silhouettes

When you think comfy, you probably think sweatpants, oversized t-shirt, and a night in front of the TV or with a good book. But there’s a danger when crafting the perfect lounge outfit—boxy shapes. You don’t want to get lost in flowy fabrics, but you also want to chill. Do this by combining comfy clingy pieces with flowy ones. Here are some examples:


Clingy pieces:

  • Leggings, either black, colorful, or patterned
  • Spaghetti strap tank top
  • A form-fitting sweater


Flowy pieces:


#4 Show a Little Skin

You may be lounging, but that doesn’t mean you have to be covered up! A hint of skin adds sexy allure to any outfit—the trick is to be strategic. Try these outfits to flaunt your features:


  • Unbuttoned with a Hint of Lace – Pair a button-up sleep top or shirt with a lace halter…and make sure you leave one extra button undone. You can also create this look with a worn-out band or graphic tee, just pull out your seam ripper and sewing scissors! Create a over-the-shoulder neckline by ripping out the seams of an old shirt.

  • Loose Sweats and a Comfy Crop Top – Drawstring sweatpants are a go-to when your evening plans involve ordering pizza and binging Grey’s for the third time (this year). But does that make drawstring sweatpants a lounge style no-no? Absolutely not! You can have your pizza and eat it too! Just pair with a crop top to show a little torso. A tie-front shirt also works.

  • Oversized Tee and Over-the-Knee Socks – Oversized tees are quintessential comfort (especially when they’ve been stolen from a boyfriend’s closet). Paired with over-the-knee socks, this look calls to mind thigh-high stockings and effortless sexiness. 


#5 Accessorize for Maximum Comfort Chic

A few accessories can help you maximize your style and help you make the most of your chill times. Check out these loungewear accessories for an even cozier look:


  • Robes are cozy, comfy, and essential loungewear.

  • Mules are easy to kick off when you’re cuddling on the couch, and easy to slip on when your Postmates arrives.

  • Simple jewelry can add a hint of glitter and polish to your look. Stick with studs or a necklace with a geometric pendant. 


#6 Never Underestimate the Power of Hair 

When you’re trying to wind down, sometimes the last thing you want to deal with is your hair. But a little effort can guarantee easy style and total comfort. Try these lounge looks for your locks:

  • A classic messy bun

  • Twist it into a loose braid—don’t forget to leave a few wisps out to frame your face!

  • Tie it up with a colorful scarf to add flare to your look


These style tips will prep you for lazy weekends, introvert retreats, and everything in between! So what are you waiting for? Queue up the Netflix and start lounging!