6 Scientific Benefits of Owning a Cat

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Maybe you already know that owning a cat can perk up your life but you are not aware that there are actually numerous scientific benefits of being a cat owner. For instance, numerous survey and studies have seen cat owners being smarter and more learned than dog owners.

First of all, cats are fluffy, independent and affectionate and they require less effort to maintain than dogs

Here are 6 scientific benefits of being a cat owner.

  1. Cats are good for environment compared to dogs

Studies have shown that the food we feed our pets can really have a negative impact on our carbon footprint. The food that you feed your dog with has the bigger negative impact compared to the food you feed your cat. This is because also the processing of the foods is different in both pets.

  1. Your well being is maintained

Owning a cat helps to make your heart healthier. In fact, it is said that cats can bring down the amount of nervousness in your life and reduce your stress level. Why? Because they don’t require much effort compared to dogs. Additionally,  cats are known for being low-maintenance.

Moreover, the companionship of a cat that will snuggle with you can help you calm yourself as you enjoy the unreserved love of a cat.

  1. Enhance your mood

In numerous cases, interacting with a pet can aid enhance your mod. This includes a cat. As a cat owner, you get an opportunity to feel good in general, enhancing your mood. Therefore if you are looking to get your mood improved, a cat can aid with that. Cats can lower your stress level and bring down the amount of anxiety in your life. Petting a cat has a positive, calming effect.

  1. Owning a cat shows your personality

People who own cats in their home are said to be quieter and more reserved while those that own dogs are more talkative. Cat owners have also been seen to trust more of others and are more trustworthy as well. Additionally, onwing a cat can make your less manipulative and more modest than people who are dog owners.

  1. Enhance sociability

If you are a cat owner, you must attest that petting a cat provides a natural conversation starter and can improve your ability to socialize. Researchers have seen that women are more attracted to men who own cats because they believe cat owners are sensitive and intelligent.

  1. Owning a cat can help bring down blood pressure

Studies have also shown that cat owners tend to have lower blood pressure than dog owners since cats provide a calming presence.