6 Lifestyle Changes You Need To Make For The Sake Of Your Childs’ Immunity

We wouldn’t be wrong to say that a child is exposed to more germs on a daily basis than an adult. Because of indulging in different kinds of activities, children are more prone to getting in touch with other germs. However, as a parent, it’s your job to make sure that your little one is safe and healthy. Immunity plays a significant role in determining a child’s health. If your kid keeps getting in messy situations, it can compromise their immunity. One thing that no one wants to compromise in this pandemic is the immune system. Every year, an average of six flu episodes of ear infections is considered typical by many pediatricians in Atlanta. However, there are certainly good practices you might introduce to support and build the immune system of your kid.

Let’s discuss a few steps you can take to improve your child’s immune system:

Build Healthier Eating Habits

What you put in your mouth plays a meaningful role in the development of the immune system. You need to encourage your child to eat healthier food options. This is a challenging task nowadays since so many food chains and mouth-watering snacks are available at your doorstep. However, if you start from an early age – from the time they begin to eat their solids, it is possible to get your kid hooked on healthy foods. Vegetables like spinach and broccoli play a huge role in the development of antibodies, white blood cells, and iron.

Other than this, vegetables and fruits rich in vitamin C – your citrus fruits, for instance, reduce the risk of infections and also boost immunity. How many parents rely on takeaways and other unhealthy food options due to lack of time. Instead of this, why not focus on making combined meals or hiring someone to do the meals for the sake of your child’s health?

Either way, we advise parents to significantly reduce the use of excess sugar as well as junk food. It all starts from when they are little. Parents who focus on their child’s health and eating habits from an early age tend to raise children with healthier life choices. Most nutritionists suggest that if you want a healthy immune system, focus on adding prebiotics and probiotics to your diet.

Sleep More and Better

No kid on this planet has gone to bed without creating a fuss when their parents tell them to. Children are naturally active, and it seems like they just don’t ever want to go to bed. If only they knew the leisure of getting proper sleep!

Children who don’t sleep at least 8 to 10 hours a day have more chances of getting sick. Sleep deprivation is a state that completely demolishes your immune system. It will destroy your cells, attack microbes, and even develop cancer cells. This is similar for both adults and children, but kids are more affected.

Most doctors suggest interval sleeping for kids. Put them down for a nap during the day, and then choose a bedtime that helps them cover the rest of their sleep hours. But if there is no time for a day nap, send them to bed early.

Studies suggest that many children have issues sleeping because of their activities. Some may find the bedding uncomfortable. Orthopedic doctors in Atlanta indicate that it’s always a good option to buy their bed accessories from a children’s store. Other than this, you can always ask them if the bed is comfortable or not.

Breastfeed for Required Age

Mothers who breastfeed their children are actually helping them develop a strong immune system. Breastfed children are healthier, and they have lesser allergies. Breast milk is rich in colostrum which is a mega immune booster due to the presence of antibodies. Nursing mothers can breastfeed their kids for up to 2 years. If you want your kids to benefit from colostrum, use it in powdered form made from products like grass-fed cows and goats. A small hint of this powder into your juices, milkshakes, and smoothies will help your child go a long way in terms of immunity.

Exercise and Activity

Children nowadays are more into technology instead of outdoorsy fun that we had when growing up. This stems from the issue that parents give their children early access to technological gadgets. A lazy child is one step away from being a burden on the family and himself in the future. You need to take time out and introduce your kid to the wondrous world of outdoorsy fun. Exercise is extremely important for physical fitness. A child’s wellbeing and immune system will benefit from an hour of exercise in the park or even an indoor playground. Exercising or playing a sport as a family can be a lot of fun and a perfect way to reconnect when staying in shape. Get them hooked on their favorite sport, enroll them in activity classes and of course, give them phone/gaming time as a reward.

Personal Hygiene

Personal hygiene plays a huge role in maintaining the immune system. If you are keeping your house and surroundings clean, children will automatically pick from that. Having a compromised immune system is not like a whiplash car accident which can be treated with medication and therapy. You need to change your entire lifestyle and make your kids practice the same habits. Impeccable hygiene helps you keep germs and infections away from the body. Just implementing simple tips like washing hands after eating, using the toilet, and going outdoors can make a huge difference. Other than that, regular baths, cleaning their bedroom, and helping you organize the house will help your kids develop clean personal hygiene as well as their surroundings.

Avoid Antibiotics

Most parents tend to put their kids on antibiotics and OTC medications after a sudden change in their conditions. Although antibiotics do provide quick relief from the situation and help the little ones feel better immediately, it may not be the best idea ever. When removing bacteria and germs from the body, antibiotics often compromise the immune system. Since children’s immune system is in progress and not fully developed yet, it is possible that their body gets dependent on medication. This is not something that you want in the longer run. When you visit the doctor, talk to them about the alternatives to antibiotics. Unless and until extremely necessary, they are really not a viable option. For instance, if your kid has a runny nose, try using steam or green tea methods to help them feel better. If it does not get better, only then take OTC meds.


Immunity is important to survive nowadays. You need to introduce healthy eating and lifestyle habits in your kids from an early age if you are looking for ways to boost their immune system. Colds, coughs, scratches, and cuts are inevitable aspects of growing up. Providing our children with nutritious foods, good activities, and a safe climate goes a long way toward ensuring that these illnesses are brief and infrequent. Brush the troubles away with love and affection, cuddles, and smiles, and make puberty the happiest time for your sweet child. So, start making changes now before it’s a little too late.