5 Ways To Handle Working At Home With Kids

There are many reasons why parents choose to work from home. In many cases, it’s because they want to be able to stay home to raise their children while still being able to make a living. However, in other cases, it’s because they may have suffered an injury or have an illness which requires them to work from home.

Whatever the reasons are for you to work at home with kids, you probably know that it can be a challenge. The younger the children are, the more challenging that it can be to get anything done. Many times it seems the minutes that you sit down to get something done, your kids immediately need something.

To get the most out of being able to work from home, while still enjoying being a parent, take a look at some of the best tips for handling it all. 

Create a Schedule

A schedule is paramount if you’re going to work at home with little ones. By creating an outline for your day, you’ll be able to time your work around things like meals and school pick-ups and drop-offs.

Trying to get work done in a freestyle manner will only lead to frustration and lack of productivity. Map out your day and stick to it!

Go Over Rules

It’s vital that you express what the rules are to your kids. If you don’t go over what’s allowed and what’s not, then you can’t expect your kids to behave.

Have a talk with your kids about why letting you work is essential. Make it clear what they should do if they need something while you’re on an urgent call, or working on your computer. Over time, they’ll get used to respecting your work time. The trick is practice and being clear about the rules.

Time Your Work Around Naps

If you have younger children who still take naps, use this time to be productive! Even though you may be tempted to use naps for your own downtime, you’ll be much happier with yourself if you use this time wisely.

Offer Rewards

Incentives work wonders with kids when you want to get something done. If your kids manage to leave you alone long enough to get important work done, then they can earn rewards of your choice. Perhaps it’s a trip to the park or extra tv time. Their incentives can be whatever works for your family

Work At Night

Even though it may not always be convenient, sometimes working nights is the best way to get things done with kids at home. Although it’s not recommended regularly, you may find that working one or two nights a week will allow you to work more regularly without interruptions.