5 must try teas!

Having a cup of tea is that time in the day when you can unwind and relax, have a natter and a laugh. Since the Chinese discovered tea, it has taken hold in the west as one of our favorite everyday beverages. From the American ice tea to the guru’s natural herbal tea, to the famous Earl Grey, there is much to choose from.

Here are couple of tea recipes that once tasted will leave a memory in the senses.

– Mint Tea: this tea is made from three tablespoons of crushed mint leaves, 700 ml boiling water, four tablespoons of ordinary tea leaves, a cup of white sugar, a liter and a half of cold water and 6 ounces of frozen lemonade concentrate. So, to make the ice tea, combine the hot water, tealeaves and sugar. Stir until the sugar is dissolved, let it steep for three minutes. Strain out the tea leaves and then stir in the mint leaves and let stand for a further twelve minutes. The next step is to strain out the mint leaves, stir in the cold water and the lemonade concentrate. Lastly, serve over ice in tall glasses. Once tasted you won’t forget this one! There are also loads of health benefits of drinking mint tea so it’ll work wonders for your body too.

– Did you know you can flavor dishes with tea? Green tea smoked salmon is a great option. Cook the salmon over a mix of green tea, sugar and rice and if you want to be really creative, mix yogurt and sour cream with salt, pepper and a couple of sachets of lemon tea and the taste will be amazing.

So, the next question is: what would be the top 5 best teas to taste before you die!?

Green Tea: this tea is widely available and used a lot by Eastern cultures. It is unoxidized which means they keep their vital colour.

Oolong Tea: this tea is semi-oxidized. This tea is known to have the widest array of flavors and aromas. The best organic oolong tea is said to provide various health benefits including reduced cholesterol and weight loss. It is a tea preferred by many health-conscious people.

Pu-erh Tea: this tea is fermented. The leaves are aged for several years. During the aging process, the leaves are exposed to microflora and bacteria, much like what happens in the creation of yogurt or wine. It has a depth of flavor that is created over the years.

White Tea: this is the least processed of all teas. The process is simply withering and drying of the leaves and it is a delicate process. The flavor has a delicacy in its taste and aroma.

Black Tea: this is the most well know of all the teas available. The leaves are fully oxidized and are cultivated worldwide.

The world of tea is vast and there is much choice that the best thing to do is to find a good reputable natural brand such as Pure Chimp tea. Tea experts favor a natural approach in the creation of this well-known beverage. So, there is only one thing to do, go out and get some tea!