5 Modern Three-Seater Lounges Sure to Impress the Neighbours

Cosmopolitan living had most households resorting to smaller, more compact furniture that are both functional and space savers at the same time. Since most of the standard apartments and condominiums do not offer the luxury of living space, more and more homeowners are resorting to corner lounges and three-seaters.

If you find yourself moving in to a new home, or setting up your first apartment, three-seater lounges are the ideal choice not only because of the limited space but also for its practicality. They are just the right size and with its shorter dimensions, you can easily strategise the rest of the room’s furniture and other decorations. Three-seater lounges come in different shapes as well.

You can choose from a variety of materials and one common yet very popular choice is a fabric corner lounge. With its breezy material, you can sit on it comfortably and it is much easier to clean and maintain compared to other thicker materials. Click here to check out more options in Domayne for these well-crafted fabric corner lounges.

Here are some modern designs that will inspire you to purchase your soon-to-be favourite lounger:

Space Modern

Keep that bachelor pad minimalist with a sleek white three-seater lounge that will transport your serenity into space.

Decorate it with bold pieces of decor, this three-seater lounge will surely stand out and give the room a crisp appeal. The seemingly inflated cushion seats and backrest offers great comfort and the smooth leather finish provides an easy clean-up.

The leg brackets are often furnished with a metallic finish that gives this lounge an overall simplistic yet chic look.

Duplo Effect

If you want your living area to match your apartment’s funky vibe, you can go for a more shapely style like this duplo three-seater lounge. Choose a bright bold colour like aqua blue or teal and this lounge will instantly liven up the room.

The circular backrest offers a unique feeling of comfort, arching your back against its soft texture.

The uniquely shaped arm rests also provide a bigger space for your lounging activities whether day or night.

Retro Chic 

In keeping things a bit more country style, you can choose a fabric corner lounge with an oval chaise. The rounded shape of the chaise provides extra space for seating or stretching out those legs after a tiring day at work.

This fabric corner lounge is made of sturdy material that does not rip or tear easily. Usually comes in neutral colours, you can dress up the rest of the fabric corner lounge with patterned pillows in alternating shapes as well to give the room more character.

Nautical Feel

If you are creating a more nautical theme in furnishing your home or apartment, you can choose a fabric corner lounge that comes in a more structured shape.

The sleek look with the mix of the lounge’s fabric material makes the overall finish very classy and stylish. Partner it with an equally rectangular side table and long-stemmed lamp and you’re ready for relaxing night with a good book in that corner lounge.

Lazy Style 

If you prefer a cinematic experience, then you can choose a fabric corner lounge with higher back and headrest that is reminiscent of those lazy-boy cinema seats.

Offering so much more comfort, this lounge set with a chaise will make those movie nights especially relaxing. The fabric material offers a breezy texture that will make sitting and lounging for hours heavenly.

You can partner it with solid coloured pillows that match the hue of the corner lounge.

Whatever you choose from all of these options, just remember to measure your empty space accurately and have a specific layout in mind. This way, you can choose the perfect corner or three-seater lounge that will be the focal point for your living area.