5 Major Mistakes Every Man Makes in a Divorce

If the divorce papers were served to you recently, try to gather yourself and have a strategy.

The next few days after receiving the divorce papers can be decisive. There is no room for mistakes. You should immediately consult your Galveston divorce attorney and seek advice.

Men, in general, end up making major mistakes in the first one week from receiving the divorce papers. They are hurt, angry, raging, furious, and emotionally torn. In such a situation, it is critical to be aware of your surroundings and take the right step.

Noted below are the 5 mistakes men should avoid in a divorce:

#1: Emotions

It is difficult, for sure, but do not give in to your emotions. You may want one opportunity to speak to your wife, or you may be planning revenge .but, this is not the time.

You may be hurt and feeling betrayed to such an extent that you would want to let your wife enjoy everything you have, including the kids involved.

These feelings, though reasonable, are not good. Anything extreme can go against you and hurt your future. So, avoid these emotions as much as you can. Seek therapeutic help. Consult an attorney.

#2: Prepare for Negotiation

Do not refute the idea of negotiation. If you are stubborn, it would only bring you stress and huge legal bills. Every data in the court shall drag the matter on for years, emptying your pockets with no result at all.

On the flip side, you cannot turn around and run away from the situation as it shall do no good, especially to your children. It is your right to fight, so do it with dignity and humility. Use the lawyer’s negotiation skills in this matter.

#3: Hire A Divorce Counsel

Do not use the same lawyer your spouse has hired during divorce proceedings. Firstly, the same attorney cannot represent the two of you as it would lead to a conflict of interests. It is not permitted in most states.

For instance, if you both are hostile, having the same counsel would not help. Consult another Galveston divorce attorney and devise a plan prioritizing your rights and needs.

#4: Mediation

If the two of you can sit and mediate the matter, and come to a settlement agreement, with or without professional help, go ahead. Mediation is a counseling process involving estranged couples wherein a trained and expert mediator attempts to create an agreement between parties.

You may not be able to mediate all the issues, but try to make it work as much as you can. Both of you cannot negotiate the terms of the divorce. You need an experienced and competent attorney representing individual interests in the matter.

#5: Do Not Move Out

If you volunteer and move out of your marital home, you lose the battle. Even if it’s incredibly difficult, take professional help and consider staying in the same house. Your spouse may tell you to leave, but you have no reason to oblige.

Remember, the house is all you have to ensure that you can keep in touch with your children regularly. If you move out, you would lose that, and also the stability of your household shall be questionable.

Final Word

Going through long litigation of this nature is emotionally distressing. Especially when children are involved, you should seek immediate help from an expert divorce attorney.