5 Healthy Beverages You Can Give Your Child (In Addition To Milk And Water)

According to leading nutrition advisors, milk and water are the best beverages that kids should be drinking. This is because these two beverages do not contain high amounts of sugar, unlike fruit juices and carbonated drinks which are loaded with sucrose and fructose.

Kids who drink lots of sugary beverages are at higher risk of developing tooth decay, obesity, and even diabetes. But since milk and water are not loaded with sugar, it is perfectly fine for children to frequently drink these beverages since they won’t cause any health issues in your little ones.

Other Yummy Kid-Friendly Drinks

Your child, however, doesn’t have to limit his drinks to milk and water only. You can also give your child other healthy and delicious beverages that will allow him to discover new flavors and textures. In addition, you will be able to increase the nutrients your child gets with the right beverages.

So what are the other nutritious and delicious beverages you can give your child aside from milk and water?


Fruits do contain natural sugars. However, these natural sugars are not as unhealthy as the artificial ones that are added to store-bought fruit juices and sodas. As such, it is perfectly all right to give your kids smoothies.

Smoothies are a great in helping your kid consume more fruits. By blending up some bananas, berries, milk, or yogurt, you can give your child a refreshing, tasty treat that he will surely enjoy.

You can also add some vegetables such as kale and carrots to the smoothie to introduce other flavors to your child. You’ll also be adding more nutrients to the beverage your little child will be drinking this way.

Sugar-free natural fruit juice

Aside from making smoothies to ensure your child gets the essential vitamins and minerals that fruits offer, you can also give your child fresh, unsweetened fruit juice. Use a juicer to make a glass of natural orange, apple and strawberry juice, for example, or a combination of different fruits.

However, make sure you do not add any sugar even if your child asks you to do so. You can also add some water to dilute it if the consistency is too thick and if it is too sweet.

Fresh vegetable juice

You can also use your juicer to make fresh vegetable juice for your child. Carrot juice, for instance, is a popular, nutritious and tasty veggie juice that many kids love.

Vegetable juice is a great way to help your child get a lot of the nutrients they need. It also a chance for your little one to drink something other than milk or water. For a more child-friendly flavor, you can mix some fruits with the veggie juice you plan on making. Kale and mangoes work great together, as do carrots and pineapple.

Coconut water

Coconut water has quite a reputation since a lot of athletes and celebrities recommend and swear by this beverage. The good news is that kids can also drink this beverage since it is packed with numerous nutrients. These nutrients include lauric acid – a substance that helps strengthen the immune system. This is a nutrient that is crucial for a healthy pregnancy and normal baby development.

Aside from lauric acid, coconut water is rich in calcium, vitamin C, magnesium and potassium. Because of its magnesium and potassium content, it is a great beverage to give kids suffering from diarrhea since it quickly replenishes the lost natural salts. Lastly, although coconut water is low in calories, it has a sweet taste.

Naturally flavored water

Lastly, you can give regular water some flavor by adding a few drops of lemon juice or a lemon rind, some cucumber slices, or mint leaves. They are great at improving the taste of ordinary water without damaging your child’s teeth.

Lemons and cucumbers are packed with vitamin C and other nutrients. They also help with digestion. They help with hydrating the body and, as such, adding them to a glass of water will help cool down your child’s body faster during the warm seasons.

Water, breast milk, and the best milk formula for brain development are the most nutritious drinks you can give your child. But you also need to add variety to your little one’s beverages. You can easily do this by making homemade, natural drinks that are not only tasty but packed with nutrients, too.