5 Fun Facts about Babies and Cars

It’s no secret that babies and cars are a very unpredictable combination because sometimes you never know what you are going to get from them until they are strapped in for the road. It still does not take away the fact that it can always turn out to be a lot of fun, babies after all love to have fun. Every parent has one fun fact or the other about their baby’s and cars.

  1. Songs Playing In the Car Are Their Favorite

Babies love songs so much it shows from their expressions how happy they are when they hear a song. They start beaming with adorable smiles once those melodious tunes come on, and sometimes throw their arms up frantically in the air. What other place could be a perfect fit for them to enjoy an endless stream of music if not in a car. The sound of a mother’s voice is very familiar to babies and also very soothing, so if a baby is having a meltdown in the car just sing a song they love to hear.

  1. Snacking and Making a Mess

Cars are the perfect place for babies old enough to feed themselves to indulge in snacking because nobody is going to stop them. Long periods spent strapped into the baby car seat can be a bore for babies so the next best thing is stuffing their face with as much food as they can. It is certain they will make a mess of the back seat with their snacks. It seems there is no fun in eating if babies can’t spill a little of their food in parts of the car that drive their parents nuts.

  1. Videos

Who knew babies had their own specially outfitted cinema house. Well they do, and they are found in cars. This is one fun thing every baby looks forward to once they get in the car. Their favorite cartoon playing while no one disturbs them makes the car a new age tree house for the little ones. It is a sure bet for any parent that needs to calm down a baby throwing tantrums in the car because there has never been a better distraction for them than bright colorful videos.

  1. Sleeping While Strapped In

A baby will take any given opportunity to sleep and being strapped in for a ride in the car is top on their list of favorite sleeping spots after their beds. If babies are in no mood for anything they are always in the mood for a quick nap once inside the car. It simply must be fun for them to be driven around while they are sound asleep without a care in the world or else they wouldn’t do it as frequently as they are known to.

  1. Storytelling and Sightseeing

The world outside is better viewed by babies from the back seat of a car. The breathtaking sights leave them in awe with their eyes glued outside throughout the time in the car. Their expression when a car zooms past a building or another car shows how amazed they are by it all.  Also, listening to stories while being driven in a car never seems to get old as babies will listen to their favorite stories being told like its bedtime even if it is in the car.

Cars could be a baby’s best hang out spot after their nurseries because they get to do so much fun stuff in them as anywhere else they are known to love playing in.