4 Ways to Entertain Your Children on Long Car Rides

A lengthy car ride can be rough for any person, but especially for kids. There is not much to do except to sit back in your seat and watch the clouds roll by. This however can only cure boredom for so long. Here are some ways to entertain children during long drives to keep everyone happy.

  1.  Bring travel size versions of their favorite board games.

This is especially helpful when there are two or more kids. If they have a favorite game they like to play at home, bring it on the road! 

Many board games are now available in travel sizes and can even improve bonding between family members. This also helps to cut back on screen time and encourage healthy competition.

  1.  Play their favorite educational podcasts. 

There are great quality podcasts out there for children that aim to teach them valuable life lessons but in an entertaining way. Even parents will enjoy playing these podcasts through the car speakers, but it can also be played for one child through headphones if they would prefer time to themselves.

One example of a good podcast for kids is the Purple Rocket Podcast. The goal of this podcast is to take children on an unforgettable adventure that will spark their imagination by telling thought provoking stories. The Purple Rocket Podcast was listed as one of the best podcasts for kids by WIRED and has over 100K downloads a month. 

  1. Mess free art.

There are so many mess-free ways to color or draw in a vehicle and make some fantastic art! Print out a picture on a piece of paper and put it into a ziplock bag. Then pack paint separately and squeeze some into the bag and seal it up. Let your child then spread the paint with their hands to create a unique masterpiece! 

You can also pack a white board and markers which are erasable and non-messy, or bring markers that do not transfer on anything except for paper. These cheap art hacks allow your child to be creative and entertained at the same time.

Use one or more of these boredom curing activities the next time you take a roadtrip and you may even be able to eradicate any “are we there yet?” questions from the back seat!

  1. Find Games For Everyone Involved

If you want to pass the time for you and your children, then try and find some games you can play! It could be as easy as playing I-Spy in the car, or maybe telling a story one line at a time where each person says one sentence. I’ve passed the time with my children singing songs, playing ‘Guess That Song’ or a game related to the alphabet.

This is a great way to pass the time for everyone in the car!

Bottom Line

Road trips can be stressful, even if you are traveling without children. When you add kids into the mix, you could be in for a long, agonizing trip unless you plan appropriately. Having snacks on hand is something all parents know the importance of and they are usually good to make sure they have what they need to make the trip run smoothly.

Passing the time is another major issue when dealing with children on a road trip. They can easily become bored and it can become a major distraction for the driver if the children are getting upset.

Finding ways to pass the time and keep everyone happy – especially your children – is something you’ll need to plan for prior to your next road trip.