4 Tips For Having a Close Relationship With Your Kids

Having a close relationship with your children can be incredibly rewarding as a parent.  When we are able to surpass the barrier from a parent and child relationship into a real friendship, then it can be one of the most beautiful connections possible.

Many parents would like to be able to be closer to their children, however, they aren’t sure where to get started.  

In order to be able to be close with your child, it’s important to put in a consistent effort and always keeping your goal in mind.  Without continuously putting the work in to be able to achieve your relationship goals, you won’t be able to carry through the task.  

In order to have a close relationship with your children, you should try the following tips.

Build a Real Friendship

Try to build a relationship with your kids that goes beyond the realms of just being their guardian.  Many parents aren’t sure how to be more than just a parent and break the mold of their relationship with their children.  However, there can be some incredible breakthroughs with your children if you start to talk about things which are of real value.

It’s important to create a space where they feel comfortable opening up about things like experiencing abuse, experimenting with drugs, or engaging in intimacy.  If your children don’t feel like they are close enough to you to be able to come to for help, then this could prove to be a real issue in the big picture.

Genuinely Listen To Them

A lot of parents think that they are convincing their children that they are listening to them by nodding and making sounds of acknowledgment.  However, children aren’t stupid.  They can usually sense when they are being dismissed or ignored even though their parents may be going through all of the motions of listening.

If you want to gain your child’s trust and respect, it’s important to show them that not only are you there for them, but you are there to genuinely listen to them.  When you show a sincere interest in what they say and do, then this is the beginning of a closer relationship.

Do Activities Together

It’s important to spend quality time with your children by engaging in activities together.  This could be anything as small as sitting on the couch and watching a show together to getting on a plane and taking a trip around the world.

The important thing is about getting in some time one on one.

Physical Touch

One of the most straightforward and effective ways to display love is through physical touch.

Try to show your kids affection by hugs, pats, and kisses.  They will feel showered with attention and love and much more confident in the world.