4 Signs You Might Be Depressed

Everyone is capable of feeling blue every now and then.  Life can creep up on you and get you started feeling down for whatever reasons.  Whether you’re depressed because of work, are going through a breakup, or maybe even the weather is beginning to take its toll on your disposition.

However, in some cases, it can start to affect every area of your life and take on the form of clinical depression.  It’s important to watch for the signs since you may not just be a danger to yourself, but also to others. Here are some of the telltale signs that it may be time to talk to your doctor.

Sleep Changes

Depression can be not only emotionally exhausting but also physical.  It takes up so much of your mental space that you can start to feel overly fatigued even if you sleep.  If you’ve regularly been sleeping yet feel constantly tired, you should seriously consider this as a factor.

Conversely, your depression may keep you up at night, leaving you feeling exhausted because you can’t sleep.  When your mind is full of unsettling thoughts and anxiety, it’s enough to keep anyone up at night. A doctor can help you determine whether you need medication or not to help your sleep patterns.

Ranging Emotions

When you feel irritable one minute and elated the next, this may be a sign of depression.  The inability to control your mood can leave you feeling out of control and helpless.

You may also feel less patient with your family and coworkers, which can affect your life on a deeper level.  It’s important to stop this behavior before it affects your personal relationships or job.

You’re Negative

If you find yourself always finding the negative perspective of situations but weren’t like that before, it could be because you’re depressed.  

Depressed people often talk about things which are quite depressing and negative.  It may be time to ask yourself if you ever even look at the bright side anymore. Particularly if your conversations have gotten to the extreme of being morbid.

Loss Of Interest in Activities You Once Enjoyed

Being depressed can start to make you feel like nothing is capable of bringing you joy anymore. When the things which once made you smile don’t bring you happiness anymore, you should explore whether you’re genuinely lost interest or whether you may just be depressed.

With a therapist and your family and friends by your side, you can overcome depression.  It takes merely perseverance and patience, and in some cases prescription medication.  Since not everyone’s symptoms are exactly the same, it’s important to discuss the best route of action with a professional.