4 Reasons to Make Your Rise-and-Recline Armchair a Wingback

Whether you’re simply getting older or starting to suffer from mobility issues early in life, buying a rise and recline armchair can hugely improve your quality of life. With the ability to change positions to relieve pressure points, elevate the legs to reduce swelling, and lift your body up and down to prevent joint pain, a rise and recline chair is ideal.

Of course, there’s more than one design available. We’ve found that one of the most popular types is a wingback – here are just four reasons why they’re so popular.

  1. Keeps You Warm

The main purpose of a wingback armchair is to keep the occupant nice and warm. Originally, they were made to be placed in front of a fire – the heat would be trapped within the chair by its wings. They still serve that purpose, and wings also help keep you cosy by protecting from draughts. If you’re getting older, you may have found yourself becoming increasingly sensitive to low temperatures, so choosing a rise and recline chair that keeps you warm only makes sense.

  1. Provides Excellent Support

Most modern armchairs are made more for lounging than sitting up – in fact, plenty of modern sofas don’t even have proper head support. Not so with the wingback chair. They’re still perfectly comfortable, but they also provide more upright support for your back and head than many modern armchairs.

  1. Attractive Style

Whether made using leather or fabric, wingback chairs bring a touch of style and distinction to any home. They’re still associated with studies and upscale living spaces, so they make a good choice if you want a rise and recline chair that still does its part to make your home look its best.

  1. Smaller Footprint

Finally, it’s worth keeping in mind that wingback chairs don’t take up quite as much space as traditional armchairs. If you only have a small amount of space to play with or want to fit your new rise and recline chair into a room that already has plenty of furniture, it’s relatively easy to make room for a wingback.