4 Post-Baby Beauty Tips For The Tired Mom

Having a new baby is something that can get even the toughest of moms feeling tired.  The sleepless nights on top of looking after a little baby all day long making sure that they are fed and well cared about can start to wear on you.

Some days new moms hardly have time to shower let alone be able to take the time to look glamorous. However, it’s important to feel good about yourself when you leave the house.  While a new mom most likely won’t have the time to do a full-on makeover before they leave the house, there are some basics which you can master which can at least partly conceal your total exhaustion.  Here are some of the best quick tips for putting a little more pep in your step as a new mom with a newborn.

Master A Basic Makeup Routine

Mastering a basic beauty routine which takes 10 minutes or less will make your life a million times easier.  Sometimes all it takes is knowing a few basics which can totally transform your look without having to put in a lot of time.

Try putting some concealer under your eyes firstly which will mask the dark circles which are the first indication of exhaustion.  Follow this with some mascara which opens the eyes and makes them appear more open.  A bit of blush makes you look less pale, and lastly, a basic lipstick will make the color on your face pop and give your look more life  All of this can be done fairly quickly yet make a world of difference.

Dry Shampoo

Let’s face it, you aren’t going to have time to shower as much as you would like when you have a newborn baby.  Dry shampoo is incredibly helpful for making you look a lot cleaner than you actually are.

Spray on the roots and comb through to the bottom of your hair to give your hair more body and appear less greasy.


Some days you may have to run out of the house quickly without having time to do anything other than throw some clothes on your body.  Running a brush through your hair may not even be possible.

Therefore, having a few hats which are on hand to throw on in a rush is crucial.  Try buying a few which match with a variety of looks and colors. This way you will always have something to work with.

Under Eye Cream

Try to use under eye creams which can be applied daily to minimize puffiness and dark circles. Often these formulas are instant while others take a few days to weeks to start seeing results.

Buying one of these creams will not only feel refreshing but you’ll look like you slept about 4 hours more than you actually did.