4 Ideas For Spending More Time Together As a Family

With multiple activities, hobbies, jobs, and social lives, a family can have a lot of conflicting agendas all under the same roof.  The more that your family expands, the more seems to go into the daily schedule. Whether it’s going to the dentist, attending ballet recitals, or loading everyone in the van for soccer practice, there always seems to be something going on.

Unfortunately, with this comes the challenge of not being able to spend time together as a family as often as everyone may like. In order to get in this time together despite the madness, it’s important to look for ways to squeeze it in.  Here are some of the best ways to get in time together despite everyone’s crazy schedules.

Eat Dinner Together

Eating dinner together as a family is one of the best things that you can do for your family.  When you take the time to talk and ask each other about your day, you’re not only connecting more with them, but also with yourself.

Having conversations where everyone is reflecting on what they’re doing at the moment and sharing their individual experiences brings us closer as a family.  We feel more in tune with everyone else in the house rather than passing ships in the night.

Plan a Yearly Trip Together

Planning a trip together is something that will ensure that you block out the time in your schedule to spend some serious quality time together for at least a week.  During this time your only focus is on enjoying yourself with your family. There aren’t any errands to worry about or things that will keep you too busy from being able to focus on each other as a family.

Support Each Other’s Interests

It’s important that you support each other’s interests even though they may not be the same as each others.  Make sure that even if you couldn’t personally care less about the things that they take part in, that you attend their events that they invite you to and try to engage in conversing about their interests.

If you openly show that you couldn’t care less then that will create a divide.  Love is expressing an interest in things that you don’t necessarily have the same passion for, but you are enthusiastic about it because you care about how they feel.

Have a Family Game Night

Playing board games never gets old.  Pull out those old games on the shelves and have a good time with a little healthy competition.

Try to plan a family game night at least twice a month.  It won’t only bring you closer but you’ll have fun doing it!