3 Ways To Save On Your Kids Clothing

As a parent expenses can start to add up quickly.  From diapers to yearbooks, there is no shortage of things that you have to provide funds for during their childhood, regardless of age.  

One of the biggest expenses is commonly clothing.  Since children are constantly growing and getting bigger by the minute, you can find yourself having to spend thousands a year on shoes and clothing.

It can be a punch in the gut to have to throw down a lot of money for clothing since you know that it’s only a matter of seconds before it doesn’t fit anymore.  Therefore, it’s important to try to take measures to save as much as you can on this big expense.

In order to save the most on children’s clothing, try the following ways.

Buy Second-Hand

Buying used means that you will save a significant amount of things that would have otherwise been a pretty penny. A common misconception about second hand clothing is that it must be worn out or in bad condition.  However, you can find plenty of clothes which are second-hand which was either never worn or worn once or twice.

The best places to find second-hand clothing can vary.  Thrift stores make great places as well as a variety of websites such as eBay.  Although it may be more convenient to buy new clothing, second-hand shopping will save you thousands over time, and create less of a carbon footprint.

Hand Me Downs

If you have a multiple child family, make sure that you try to save the older child’s clothing.  You can put these aside until your youngest is able to fit into them at a later time.  Doing this will mean that you get double your value on the clothing that you buy for your kids.

If you have children with a variety of genders, try to buy gender-neutral colors and styles in order to be able to pass them down to the next child.

Encourage Them To Take Care Of Their Clothing

One of the biggest reasons that we spend so much on children’s clothing apart from them growing out of their clothing quickly is because of stains and holes.

Encouraging your children to take good care of their belongings can go a long way.  Try to make sure that they eat carefully rather than sloppily allowing their food to fall all over themselves.  Discourage them from wiping their hands on their clothing as well.

For younger children, always ensure that they are wearing a bib, and wipe them down frequently.  If you do this as well as use a high-quality stain remover when the inevitable stains happen, you can limit your need to buy new clothing more frequently.