3 Tips For Taking Your Teen On Their First Drive

For many parents, the idea of having a teen who can drive can seem like quite the blessing. Instead of you having to drop your kids off at all their events, you can now just send your teen driver to run all those errands. However, before this can become your new normal, you first have to teach your teen how to drive, which can be a nightmare for some parents. So to help ensure that you and your teen are able to safely make it through their first few driving lessons, here are three tips for taking your teen to drive out on the road for the first time.  

Learn About The Vehicle First

Before you let your teen even turn on the car, you should first ensure that your teen knows about the vehicle first. According to Wayne Parker, a contributor to Very Well Family, your teen should know how to adjust the mirrors to his or her liking, know how to fill the car up with gas, check the fluid levels, learn how to use the turn signals and windshield wipers, and get the seat in the proper position. By learning how to control all of these areas before you even start the car, you can help your teen be a safer driver and avoid becoming distracted and getting into a car accident.

Start Small

While your teen might be very excited about going on their first drive with you, TeenDriving.com recommends that you start off small at first. In the beginning, only allow your teen to drive around the block or around your neighborhood. By doing this, you’ll give him or her a chance to get used to the car and to build up their confidence behind the wheel. If you throw too much at them in the beginning, you might make the whole learning process much harder to handle. This will also give you the chance to notice any habits that your teen may need to break before going on longer drives.

Go Out With A Planned Route In Mind

Before you go out on your first longer drive with your teen, DMV.org advises that you and your teen map out a route for him or her to take. If you were to go out together and just randomly drive around, you might find yourselves going to an area that’s busier than your teen can handle or end up in an area that neither of you are familiar with, which could add unnecessary stress. To have the most successful longer drive with your teen, make sure both of you know the route you’re planning to take and are confident that your teen can handle the maneuvers he or she will be required to do in order to get there and back.

If you have a teen who’s about ready to learn how to drive, consider using the tips mentioned above to make their first driving experience a success.