3 Most Common Reasons Parents Stay In Unhappy Relationships

Many couples who have children remain in unhappy relationships despite the fact that it causes them to feel unfulfilled and stressed out. This can vary from person to person as to why they do it.

It is important to recognize whether you are feeling as if you are staying in a relationship because you truly want to, or if you find yourself doing it for one of the following reasons.

Fear Of The Other Spouse

Many couples are so afraid of the consequences that they might have to face if they make the decision to end their relationship that they stay out of fear. The consequences may be different depending on each couple and the fears can be a variety of different things.

Some people are victims of domestic violence, while others simply have a huge amount of guilt about the idea of leaving their partner behind. It can be a huge and jolting thing to spring on someone to announce that you no longer want to share a life with someone.

Letting fear hold you back instead of following your gut is never the answer, however. Identify whether you think you will truly be happier if you end the relationship, and then take the plunge to do what is best for all of you in the family, regardless of fear.

Or, if you are not leaving due to the fear of your spouse and are a victim of domestic violence, you can perhaps consider discussing your marriage conditions with a Harrisburg PA domestic violence lawyer (or similar professional working in other parts of the world). An attorney can provide you with all the legal assistance as well as information on what action you can take against your spouse.

For The Kids

A lot of parents remain married because they don’t want to disrupt the family dynamic. Breaking up the family when you have kids is something that can be heartbreaking for everyone. Kids can become confused and even start to blame themselves for the breakup.

However, studies show that remaining in an unhealthy and unhappy relationship just for the sake of the kids is not beneficial for anyone in the grand scheme of things.

Kids are often far more affected by constant fighting and not having a healthy example of a relationship than by a break up. If you separate and your children are then able to live with two happy parents in separate homes, this will be much better for their development.

Financial Insecurities

It may be a scary thought to imagine taking on the cost of life on your own as opposed to your finances combined with your partner. Often the bills have piled up over the years and you are used to living a certain quality of life that is only possible with two incomes.

However, all it takes is making some adjustments to your lifestyle initially and learning to budget. Once you start to make the changes necessary to your spending habits, you will realize that it is entirely possible to live on your own resources. All it takes is creativity and stamina.