3 Ideas and Tips for Acclimating Your Child to the Wisconsin Wilderness

There’s no denying the challenges of being a parent in 2018, but one of the biggest uphill battles new moms and dads face is getting our kids to fall in love with the great outdoors.

In a day and age dominated by screens and smartphones, letting the allure of nature fall by the wayside seems inevitable. However, consider some of the big benefits of encouraging your child to spend more time outdoors, such as…

  • Encouraging a healthy lifestyle: the sooner your kids get used to getting up and moving, the more likely they are to form the habit for life
  • Fostering happiness: from getting more sun to the endorphin-rush of getting outside, an active child is traditionally a happier one
  • Opportunities to bond: perhaps the most important point for parents, there’s nothing quite like the memories you can make by spending more time outdoors with your kiddos

Of course, all kids and parents are different when it comes how much they love the great outdoors. Some children might need some serious encouragement while others are ready to dive in head first.

We’ve broken down some smart tips for Wisconsin parents to get kids excited about spending more time outside. That said, the same principles of this list can be applied to just about anywhere in the country!

Take a Road Trip

Sometimes you need to find a balance between the outdoor world and the comforts of home to ease children into roughing it. As such, don’t try to jump into a full-blown minimalist camping trip and expect your children to be receptive (especially little ones).

Instead, consider the benefits of a road-trip via car or RV that encourages you to spend time at a campground without going totally tech-free. You can find RV rentals in Wisconsin and elsewhere to explore campgrounds that’ll keep your kids comfortable while also encouraging them to explore.

Hit Up Your Local State Parks

Going to your local park is always a smart option if your kids are especially small; however, a state park trip is most definitely worthwhile versus the traditional playground. This is especially true if your children are entering adolescence and need something to “wow” them.

Whether it’s hiking, seeing mountain peaks or hitting up a local lake, don’t discount the endless hours you can spend together at any given park. As highlighted by some of Wisconsin’s best state parks, there’s something for everyone if you’re willing to explore.

Spend Some Time on the Water

As a side note, there is no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” appreciation of the outdoors. For example, your child may actually not be a big fan of traditional “roughing it” but may absolutely love spending time at the beach.

Whether it’s a lake or your local shoreline, listen to your kids, let them lead the way in terms of what they want to do and be open-minded in response. Between fishing, swimming and water sports, there might be a hidden gem of a hobby for your kids just waiting for them.

There are so many opportunities to acclimate your child to the great outdoors regardless of how old they might be or their current activity level. Any combination of these activities can help spark a spirit of adventure in your child that’ll last a lifetime!