10 Tips and Products to Stay Cool in the Heat Outdoors this Summer

Being active also makes it easy to overheat, so we do anything we can to minimize burning ourselves out.

With our summers so brief and our list of actions so long, we won’t allow heat stroke prevents us from enjoying the gorgeous weather. For this article we show you some of the best products to stay cool in the heat, plus we give you some of our private best tips to beat the warmth outdoors this summer.


Go Swimming

Whether you are by a river, a river, a creek or an ocean, there is nothing a quick dip in the water can not cure. Not lucky enough to become waterfront? Do not worry, just about any town has a public pool for you to test out and you may even pay daily use in a nearby resort. For a little extra fun, search for one which includes a water slide or better still, head to a waterpark that specializes in slides.

If you are really lucky, someone you know may have a swimming pool and if not, you can even select up an uber cheap kiddie pool out of someplace like Walmart or even Amazon. Provided that you have the room for one, they can be great micro investments to get a cool break from the summer heat.

We purchased a cheap above ground pool almost just like the one under a couple years ago, and it is among the greatest investments we’ve ever produced. We use it several times a day in the summertime, and it kept us entertained for months. We took care of our pooland it lasted for three years until we decided we all wanted to upgrade the size.


Products to Stay Cool in the Heat

These days, however, there are literally hundreds of innovative products to keep you cool outside, such as cooling towers, hydration packs, personal misters and fan-powered cooling vests. (Visit Onlyreviews to choose your favorite product.)


Use a Cooling Towel

Evaporation gives your body the feeling of being cooled. Much different than the usual fan, a heating that’s been wet (preferably with cool water) not only provides you instant relief but continues to cool as the water evaporates.


Stay Hydrated

It’s no secret that if you are running warm, it is super important to stay hydrated. Nothing causes heat fatigue faster than being under watered from the hot sun. Just look at your own plants. If they need more water, guaranteed that you do too so consume!

The wonderful part is that water is free and whether you’re sitting around with a barbecue in the garden or scaling to the top of a neighborhood hill, there is a water jar made just for you. Water bottle not going to hack on that, maybe it’s time to go pro and invest in a hydration backpack?


Get Up Early

Oh, my dad would have a field day when he knew I said that, but the truth is, the sun is hottest from 11 to two daily. Want to remain cool? Get up earlier in the summer and beat the heat. Not only does the early bird get the worm, but they also don’t suffer from a heat stroke if determining that noon is the best time to go for a two hour increase.

If it helps, do like lots of warm states do and take a siesta in the afternoon heat. Just be certain that you’re up early enough to get everything you need in and do not nap too long or you won’t receive up to enjoy the late afternoon awesomeness that summer delivers.


Locate a Mister

No, I’m not talking about finding the ring or a great fella. Whether you are having some drinks on the deck or having lunch with a whole lot of friends on a terrace, water misters are a terrific way to remain cool on a hot summer day.

Hanging on your backyard catching a few rays solo or choosing a hike and desire a quick cool off session? Well, you can find misters for this too. You can choose between personal handheld misters like the TianNorth mobile fan or massive ones for all to share.

This won’t help much when the temperature is pushing a hundred but even so, finding a place in the color is a surefire way to cool off and prevent sunlight stroke. Can’t locate a tree nearby? Bring yourself an umbrella , if there is a bunch of you, a sun shade will do just fine as well.

If you’re just enjoying being outdoors, consider hanging out on the opposite side of the home for several hours once the sun is the warmest and if you are considering going for a hike, consider a trail that is naturally shaded rather than walking in the complete sun.

Can’t find shade? Carry your personal and put on a hat! This is only one of the easiest products to help keep you cool out, which not only applies to your kids however to you also. A wide brimmed hat is greatest, however we even enjoy wearing a bandanna. You can acquire double relief if you soak it in cool water !

Micki often finds wearing hats to be hotter than going bare headed. They key is to get a hat that wicks away moisture and heat like the Mission Enduracool Cooling Performance Hat. It has a UPF 50 protection against the sun’s rays, with cooling in the perspiration band and front panels, and an ultra-wicking fabric that attracts perspiration out of your system and promotes quick drying


Catch a Breeze

Though hang gliding sounds nice, that is not what I mean when I say catch a breeze. Rather, find somewhere with a constant breeze to help cool you off. Remember when I mentioned evaporation gives you a sense of cooling? The same thing applies to wind!

Whether you find a cool breeze across the boardwalkout, on the trail or even in your backyard, it won’t matter if you do not enjoy it. Catch a kite, maintain your swirly bird or just bask in the cool adventures of this breeze blowing in your face.

Can’t find a snap in the desert and there’s a bunch of you? Simply take a large fan you all can appreciate! You will find even fans which you are able to charge up along with your USB port on the go like the lightweight OPOLAR Battery Operated Fan.

By yourself and don’t wish to take a fan with you? Not a problem grab a vest with a personal ice pack built into whisk away your warmth. The FlexiFreeze Personal Cooling Kit is a ice vest that can keep you cool in the most extreme heat.


Wear Breathable Clothes

Yup, remain cool by wearing clothing that are breathable. My eight year old daughter just laughed and told me clothing can’t breathe, however that is not exactly what I meant and you know it. Want to cook? Throw on some latex or rubber trousers. Want to be chill? Try out light and sheet cottons or, if you’re a fitness enthusiast, then try out some remain trendy products.


Spray Park

Oh, gone are the days of childhood. Or, how are they? Feeling somewhat warm on a hot summer afternoon? Maybe one of those new spray parks which are popping up in each other neighborhood is the solution.

Yes, it helps to have children, but there’s nothing saying you can’t get your toes wet at a spray park as well. If you are feeling as you do not belong, offer to take your niece or nephew. They’ll love it as much as you can.


Ice Cream

Guess what? It’s time to release your inner child and go to get an ice cream. We went to Turkey on one of our latest ice cream quests, but you do not have to go quite as far.

Lactose intolerant? Hate ice cream? No issue, go to get a frozen yogurt, a gelato, a slushie, some shaved ice or even a popsicle. It doesn’t matter as long as you enjoy it and it is ice cold. Bonus points if the store or store you buy it in is air conditioned. Take a moment to actually cool off (you deserve it) Before getting back to whatever it’s that you love doing on a hot summer day.

A lot of summers , we keep a giant bunch of ice pops into the freezer. Extra points if you manage to get any fruit juice in the mix, like these Fla-Vor-Ice Freezer Pops.


How to beat the heat in summer

From heating towels to swimming pools here were 10 thoughts on the best way to stay cool this summer. Have a fantastic tip on ways to beat the heat that you need to share? Post a comment below and we’ll see how cool’ it is actually.