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Making the Switch to Vaporizers

Smoking is old: really old. People have been smoking on one form or another for hundreds of years. Pipes, hookahs, and cigarettes have existed in various forms for almost as long, and the march of progress hasn’t left smokers behind. Traditional tobacco-burning methods of Read More

Are Veneers Right For Your Smile?

If you’re considering having dental work done and finding all the options confusing, you may be wondering whether or not veneers are for you. Here are answers to your questions. What exactly are veneers? Veneers, made of ceramic, are slender pieces of material that Read More

5 Tips for Losing Weight

Counting Calories There’s no replacement for the classics, and counting calories remains the single most effective method for achieving consistent weight loss. Start by working out your base caloric maintenance level – for men that’s somewhere between 2000-3000 calories per day, depending on your Read More

How To Be A Healthier Mom

When it comes to having babies, you may not realize all of the changes that your body goes through. One thing you may notice right away, after having a baby, is that it can often be harder for you to lose weight and you Read More

Moms say that These are the best therapeutic essential oils

A Mom’s Three Best Therapeutic Essential Oils Gone are the days when moms mindlessly carted sniffling children to crowded doctor’s waiting rooms where other sniffling children flopped miserably against sympathetic shoulders. Thanks to the incredible power of internet shopping and social media advertising, an Read More

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